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The nude food movement is saving the planet one lunch at a time - and it’s helping convince fussy little foodies to chow down on their meals too!

Who needs plastic wrap, disposable bags and tinfoil? Not you!
Your child will love opening their box to discover a beautifully presented little meal all laid out for them and with Munchbox® it’s too easy!
Each compartment is specifically designed with child-sized portions in mind and keeps foods fresh and separate through a specially sealed lid.
Munchbox® is wholly Australian owned and operated.

Munchbox® is available in wide range of beautiful colours colours and two different sizes.  

Munchbox® MINI4 - a great box for the whole family. This four compartment box can hold more than five cups of food, such as one whole sandwich, two sides and a small treat. Simplicity and style in one durable package!

Munchbox® MIDI5 - Including five generously sized compartments designed to suit a range of different food items the Midi5 meets all of your lunchtime needs. When used with the Munchbox maxi6 outerbox our five sectioned interchangeable tray lets you pack bento-style with snacks bigger than bite-sized!

Munchbox® MAXI6 - perfect for your little kids. This six compartment box can hold more than five cups of food...even yoghurt, without leaking! If variety is what you want, this box is the one for you!

Munchbox® MEGA3 and MEGA4 - Munchbox’s original Mix & Match concept design has risen to a whole new level! We are thrilled to announce the addition of not one but TWO new tray designs to our range of interchangeable trays!

The Mega3 and Mega4 tray designs is suited to those preferring larger portions than others.

Munchbox® MIX & MATCH - The ingenious Munchbox Mix & Match combo brings you ultimate flexibility and convenience, featuring interchangeable trays for even more variety!
Pack a whole sandwich or large salad one day, then bento style small bites the next in the same box, simply by switching the portioned removable tray.

All interchangeable trays are compatible with our original design Maxi6 outerbox, so you have the flexibility to go big or go bento any day of the week!


Munchbox® Munchi Snack - The baby of the Munchbox family, Munchi is the smallest of the range with a capacity of over 2 cups, yet still features the same generous depth of our larger lunchboxes. Munchi offers ultimate flexibility with TWO portioned removable trays, allowing you to switch between two or three leakproof compartments.

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We are continually adding exciting new products and colours to our range.

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