Silicone Band Set

Silicone Band Set

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Frustrated by wraps that fall apart by lunchtime?
These cute and colourful silicone bands are a great way to secure wraps, rolled luncheon meat or small bundles of veggie sticks in your Munchbox.

This pack includes two large and three small multipurpose silicone bands, in vibrant designs of green clover, yellow butterfly, orange bear, dark pink rabbit and light pink flower.

Functional and attractive, simply wrap the bands around food items and secure by pulling large motif over smaller motif at opposite end. The bands can also be used as ties for snack bags or boxes.

This set includes a total of five silicone bands in two sizes with novelty closure.


Clover band  - 1.5 x 11 cm
Butterfly band 1.3 x 12 cm
Bear band - 1.3 x 10 cm
Rabbit band - 1.5 x 10
Flower band - 1.4 x 10 cm

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