Munchbox Brand Rep search 2018



Not so long ago, we held our very first Brand Rep search through Instagram and have had some amazing Brand Reps work with us over the past few months. These Brand Reps have been a wonderful addition to our business.


We are currently looking for Brand Reps and Enthusiasts for 2024.
At My Munchbox we have two levels of participation with different expectations and benefits. Everyone starts at the entry level of ‘Brand Enthusiast’ and gets a good discount on products.
After a successful 3-6 month period, some brand enthusiasts may be offered the position of ‘Brand Rep’. We have a number of different teams and placement will be dependent on the skills and interests presented during the period of retaining the Brand Enthusiast role.
Brand Reps enjoy larger discounts than that of the Brand Enthusiasts and also special freebies. 

What’s involved in becoming a Munchbox Brand Enthusiast?

Post a minimum of two photographs per week on your social media accounts. We would love it you could do more than this. 

Photos need to be of a high quality, clear, crisp and preferably in natural light to compliment the vibrant colours of our products.

For your participation as a Munchbox Brand Enthusiast you will receive:

  • 20% off full priced items for the 3-6 months of your commitment.
  • $20.00 store voucher at the end of your Brand Enthusiast period.

What’s involved in becoming a Munchbox Brand Rep?

Becoming a Munchbox Brand Rep isn’t all about getting free products. It’s about growing with the Munchbox brand, and we assure you that as a part of the Munchbox team, we offer a promising, shared relationship where we look after our own.

Brand Reps must bring value to the brand and we have listed below what we expect from our Brand Reps. It’s actually quite a bit of work, which is why it’s also important from a business perspective that when we find the right person we take care of you well!

A Munchbox Brand Rep doesn’t need thousands of followers but they need to GENUINELY love our products, have good photography skills and an awesome, professional looking Instagram profile. As we know, if you love our products you will be excited to post about them and often! Picking brand reps that love our products and who want to see our business grow is important to us.

Our Brand Reps:

  • Must have a public and very active Instagram account.
  • Genuine love, support, and enthusiasm for the products and brand shown in comments on Instagram.
  • Promote the brand on your own social media through photography of your lunch creation. Post a minimum of three photographs per week on your social media accounts. (We would love it you could do more than this).
  • Promote and share any of our announcements such as promotions, giveaways, launches and events.
  • Test products and give helpful advice on new products.
  • Represent the brand in public.
  • Check on our comments regularly to make sure nothing or no one is over looked and everyone has been responded to.
  • Scroll through our comments feed and answer any questions about the brand we may have missed.

What Does Our Brand Rep Gets In Return?

  • You will receive the Munchbox Mix & Match set plus bento accessories kit at the beginning of the contract. Bento accessories every 3-4 months.
  • A unique 30% off coupon code to use FOR ONE WHOLE YEAR for personal use only, only to be used by you.
  • Discount for family and friends via a unique code.
  • Insider updates on Munchbox news and releases.
  • Our support in anything and everything you need.
  • Lots of love and appreciation as a member of the Munchbox team!


  • Follow @mymunchbox on Instagram.
  • Like our brand rep search image.
  • Share our brand rep search image & hashtag #mymunchboxsearch2024
  • Tag two friends in our Instagram brand rep search image.
  • Tag us using #mymunchboxsearch2024 in 1-2 photos that showcase your product styling.
  • Complete and submit the form below.


  • Competition opens on December 1st, 2023.
  • You must complete all tasks listed above for your entry to be valid.
  • Entry images must be recent and not previously uploaded in your feed.
  • Open to all applicants worldwide, public profiles only - this is a brand enthusiast/brand rep search and winners will be required to publicly promote Munchbox via social media.
  • The ‘Brand Enthusiast’ winners are required to post a MINIMUM of 2 photographs per week on social media.
  • The ‘Brand Enthusiast’ winners will be representing Munchbox for a 3-6 month period after which extension or progression to ‘Brand Rep’ is possible as mutually agreed.
  • Upon extension of your Munchbox commitment beyond the initial contract period, the below terms & conditions remain in effect.