*** Personalised labels to fit your Munchbox may be ordered directly through the companies below. Labels are not sold by Munchbox and are posted separately by the label business, to be attached to the lunchbox by the customer after purchase. ***

Make Munchbox uniquely your own!

Children will delight in owning a Munchbox that is uniquely their own, while parents can relax knowing the labeled lunchbox is more likely to be returned to its owner should it be misplaced.

Please use the website links below to place an order with one of the listed businesses specialising in high quality, permanent vinyl labels to customise your Munchbox with your child’s name in the colour and font of your choice.

You will receive a beautiful, durable label custom made to fit the outer case of your Munchbox. 

Please visit the links below to browse designs, then place your order directly with any of the following businesses.

    Please note: While every effort has been made to ensure their quality service and product, Munchbox cannot be held responsible for purchases made through these businesses.
    Please contact the business directly with any after-sale queries.