Fish & Cat Food Cups with Lids

Fish & Cat Food Cups with Lids

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These cute and colourful food cups with convenient removable lids can be used for all sorts of side dishes, as a rice container for younger children, or even as a rice mould to create fish or cat shapes.

Small, reusable food cups are an essential item in your bento collection, allowing you to vary the configuration of your lunchbox on a daily basis to suit what you are packing. They can be used to create smaller compartments within your Munchbox and keep different types of food separate.

TIP: For use as a rice mould, wet the container before filling to avoid rice sticking to the container. 

This set includes one fish-shaped food cup with lid and one cat-shaped food cup with lid.

Cat: 7 x 8 x 3 cm 
Fish: 7 x 8 x 3 cm 

Imported from Japan

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